Skills of Managing Your Potentials


Author: Dragana Malešević, PhD
Publisher: PROVENS
Binding and format: paperback, 148×210
Number of pages: 54 pages
Release year: 2020.
ISBN 978-86-81816-02-8 (Serbian)
ISBN 978-86-81816-08-0 (English)

Book Preview


This book is a guide for developing the skill of managing your potential.

From the skills of managing one's potentials, we considered intelligence and its multiplicity, meaning and purpose, will and self-awareness.

The text of the book is based on scientifically confirmed facts. It contains exercises and techniques that enable self-assessment and the development of the skill of managing one's potential. To help you find balance in your life, we have created the BALANCE technique for you. This technique is an acronym and is made up of elements that need to be accomplished in order to restore balance in your life.

The book Skills of Managing Your Potentials is from the Professional Skills Edition. We hope that this book will encourage you to reconsider your views and contribute to the further development of your professional skills.


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Skills of Managing Your Potentials