Skills of Setting and Reaching Goals at Work


Author: Dragana Malešević, PhD
Publisher: PROVENS
Binding and format: paperback, 148×210
Number of pages: 62 pages
Release year: 2021.
ISBN 978-86-81816-20-2 (Serbian)
ISBN 978-86-81816-28-8 (English)

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This book is a guide for the development of skills of setting and achieving personal and common goals.

Our life path is a series of decisions. In business, we make a multitude of business decisions every day. Sometimes our decisions are an integral part of the business routine and we make them easily, and sometimes they represent a problem for us and put us in conflict situations.

In the process of setting and achieving goals, we distinguish three phases: 1. setting the goal, 2. planning actions to achieve the goal, and 3. reflection on the achievement of the goal's attainment. Accordingly, in the development of these skills, there are three key questions: What do you want/do we want? To set a goal. What should I do in order to achieve the goal? Plan. Is the goal achieved in the intended outcome? Reflection.
People often equate a desire with a goal, which it is not. That is why we will first learn the difference between desire and goal, and then consider the influence of will and faith, and the development of virtues on the way to achieving goals. Success is a personal achievement from its meaning and purpose, and in order to achieve it, it must be goal-directed and realized in a series of designed actions that will lead us to it.


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Skills of Setting and Reaching Goals at Work