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Memorable children's books...

Using these books, speech, perception and thinking are especially developed in children. Children learn in an interesting way, discovering the world around them. Each book contains a matrix with which the child can independently check the accuracy of his answers.
Books Which Help Us Grow

Books for children

Our award-winning edition of books aims to support children's development through interactive learning, thinking and creativity. Their innovative approach to traditional reading makes them an attractive and useful tool for children's education. What makes them unique is:
  1. Multimedia approach: Using QR codes to access sounds and videos enhances the traditional reading experience, enabling children to better understand and see the world around them.
  2. Interactivity: Active and interactive text in the books encourages children to think, make assumptions, solve problems, and experiment. This is crucial for the development of critical thinking and analytical skills.
  3. Attention Retention: The ability to access multimedia content makes these books appealing to children and keeps their attention, which is particularly important in a world full of distractions.
  4. Age Adaptability: Although originally designed for preschool and younger elementary school children, the three levels of text complexity allow children to learn and develop according to their own abilities and interests.
  5. Content Integration: Connecting content from different books within the series enables children to see broader connections and understand how different themes can be interrelated.
  6. Encouraging Creativity: Promoting divergent thinking, where not just one correct answer is sought but multiple solutions are encouraged, helps children develop their creativity and innovation.

Grow With Us

The Association for the Development of Professional Skills PROVENS
was founded with the aim of achieving strides in education, culture and art.

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Professional Skills

Guide for the self-assessment of achievement and development of professional skills necessary and desirable in performing any job



The trainings we implement with employees in the public and private sector are
  1. Skills of Managing Your Potentials
  2. Skills of Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  3. Emotional Management Skills and Understanding the Emotions of Others at Work
  4. Skills of Interacting With Others and the Ability to Adapt at Work
  5. Skills of Conflict Resolution at Work
  6. Stress Management and Burnout Prevention Skills
  7. Teamwork and Leadership Skills
  8. Skills of Setting and Reaching Goals at Work
  9. Skills of Making and Implementing Decisions at Work
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