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Author: Dragana Malešević, PhD
Publisher: PROVENS
Binding and format: hardcover, 220×220
Number of pages: 64 pages
Release year: 2023.
ISBN: 978-86-81816-36-3

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Description of the method in the "Books you grow with" edition



WHAT MY BODY CAN DO - an interactive book with 93 QR links and a matrix is intended for children aged 5 to 9+ and belongs to the "Books with which you grow" edition written according to the method of Dragana Malešević, PhD. The interaction between the child and the book is achieved through text, images, QR codes and a matrix for self-control. QR codes allow the book to guide the child to audio and video recordings. The matrix provides the possibility of self-assessment so that the child can only check the accuracy of his answers.

The content of the book consists of four units.

The first part is about anatomy: body parts and organs, keeping and caring for your body, emotions and workshops for the development of emotional intelligence, helping others and the family tree.

The second part refers to the physical movement of the body, toys and games with others, physical exercises, sports, activities that the child can do and ways to explore the world around him, as well as people's occupations.

The third part is about music. Children learn about instruments: piano, accordion, from string instruments - violin, cello, guitar, from wind instruments: clarinet, flute, doubles, trumpet, tuba, trombone), from percussion instruments: drums and other percussion instruments. Through QR codes, they can hear the sounds of the instruments. Children make their own instruments: a rattle and wind instrument from juice straws; they experiment to "play" with bottles strained by water. They get to know different musical genres and choose the most beautiful melodies for them.

The fourth unit refers to artistic creativity. Children get to know basic and derived colors, art techniques and art materials. They learn about drawing, painting and sculpting, how to make papier-mâché, collage, stained glass, mosaic, gratage, frottage and graphics. Children are encouraged to create something new and different.

Reviewers: Ružica Igić, PhD., Snežana Bogdanović

Area reviewers: Nataša Kaćanski (anatomy, pp. 2–33), Angela Mesaroš Živkov, PhD (physics, pp. 36–39), Nada Stanić (music, pp. 46–52), Snežana Mandić and Sonja Bregun (art, p. 53–64).

All rights reserved. No photocopies, prints, scans, other types of paper or electronic dissemination of this book are permitted without the author's express written consent.

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  1. ;arija Pavlovic

    Књига је врло добро осмишљена. Пружа пуно знања деци и могућност игре, добре забаве и учења у исто време. Уз ову књигу родитељи могу квалитетно да проводе време са својим дететом, да им буде занимљиво, да се нечег присете, а по нешто и науче. Све похвале за књигу.

  2. Sanja

    Sjajna knjiga, preporučujem.
    Sve pohvale

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