Stress Management and Burnout Prevention Skills

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Author: Dragana Malešević, PhD
Publisher: PROVENS
Binding and format: paperback, 148×210
Number of pages: 60 pages
Release year: 2020.
ISBN 978-86-81816-04-2 (Serbian)
ISBN 978-86-81816-23-3 (English)
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Can you protect yourself from stress at work?

This book is a guide for the development of skills of stress management and burnout prevention at work. We are aware that we are under the constant influence of stress, but do we know how to defend ourselves from it and not burn out at work?

Factors that affect stress can be numerous, and we have singled out and considered the relationships between fear and stress, lying and stress, adjusting personal to collective behaviour and stress, illusions and stress, values and stress, and professional work and stress. Here, you will find techniques and recommendations for defending against stress, and you will be encouraged to make self-assessments in relation to the given descriptions and consider the extent to which others create stress for you and the extent to which you create stress for yourself. 

The name of the "burnout syndrome" comes from the words burn and out, meaning to "dissolve in flames". Based on the description of the types of fatigue, reactions and burnout stages, you will be able to make an assessment of the burnout stage that you are in and of the fatigue you feel. To be even more precise, we have created a scale for assessing burnout at work, based on which you will be able to get results on the level of your burnout. To get rid of burns, we have offered you the technique of Coordinates for Resolving Stress, as well as the ISKORAK (STEP OUT) technique, which enables the establishment of balance and whose application leads to inner balance.

We hope that this book will help you gain insight into the factors affecting your stress and burnout levels through self-assessment and that the recommendations and techniques will enable you to establish inner balance, peace and satisfaction in your personal and professional life.


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Stress Management and Burnout Prevention Skills
Original price was: 990.00рсд.Current price is: 792.00рсд.