Teamwork and Leadership Skills

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Author: Dragana Malešević, PhD
Publisher: PROVENS
Binding and format: paperback, 148×210
Number of pages: 56 pages
Release year: 2020.
ISBN: 978-86-81816-05-9
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Do you know your role (advantages and disadvantages) in teamwork? How much is your leadership in line with the most modern approach to leadership - transformational leadership?

This book is a guide to developing teamwork and leadership skills. Modern business requires teamwork, and management is not only related to the leader by function, but we are all leaders in a smaller or larger group of people. Our business position and personal satisfaction at work largely depend on these skills, and that is why these skills are very important to us.

First, we will familiarize ourselves with the term team, the stages in team development, as well as the characteristics of functional and dysfunctional teams. We will also offer you recommendations for successful team work. With the assessment scale, you can self-assess yourself and, based on the results, get information about your primary and secondary role when working as a team. We have described each of the roles according to their typicality, their characteristics, permitted weaknesses and behaviors that should be avoided in teamwork.

We will develop leadership skills by first defining who is a leader and what is meant by leadership. Power is associated with leadership. Researchers French and Raven determined that there are five basic sources of power and, in accordance with them, types of power, namely reference power, expert power, legal power, reward power and coercive power. We will get to know and consider the influence of power in leadership. From the approach to leadership, transformational leadership will be presented because it is one of the newest and most comprehensive approaches that determines the necessary and desirable leadership of today's leaders. Based on the characteristics of transformational leaders, we created an assessment scale that allows you to self-assess the characteristics of your leadership in relation to the desirable characteristics of a modern transformational leader.

We hope that this edition will contribute to self-assessment results about your roles in teams at work in order to contribute to its productivity as much as possible by avoiding behavior that affects dysfunctional team work and strengthening your work contribution in teamwork, as well as to learn and self-assess your leadership and determine the direction of your leadership development.


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Teamwork and Leadership Skills
Original price was: 990.00рсд.Current price is: 792.00рсд.